Living in your home while it’s listed for sale is no easy task. Sometimes, sellers can accidentally sabotage their home sale without even realizing it. There are nine common things that can cause this:

Cords hanging from a mounted television. This can make any room appear messier than it actually is.

An unkempt yard. The outside of your property tells buyers a lot about what to expect from the inside, so make sure your landscaping looks its best while you list.

“Storage space is often paramount to buyers.”

A dingy front door. Adding a fresh coat of paint or new hardware may be a worthwhile project if your front door is currently looking a little worse for wear.

Pet-related messes. Eliminating odors and messes left behind by your pets will be essential to making your home feel clean and welcoming to buyers.

Cobwebs. Something as small as this can give buyers the impression that your home isn’t cleaned as often as it should be.

Poorly arranged furniture. Your goal should be to make each room look as spacious as possible. To facilitate this, you may have to remove or rearrange certain furniture items.

Junk drawers and crammed cabinets. We all have these, but buyers want to see that your home has a lot of potential storage options. Make sure you do your best to declutter before showing your home.

Overfilled closets. Again, storage space is often paramount to buyers.

Cluttered countertops. Anything unnecessary items should be cleared off your counters before buyers enter your home.

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